Solar Bore/Submersible Pumps

We have a large range of high quality Bore/Submersible Pumps. They come in different diameters and capacities, with some being multi-stage centrifugal and others being helical rotor types.

These pumps are bore holes, wells and dams where they are supported by a float.


Depending on the output, they range in voltage required from 24 volts up to 48 volts.

News Flash !

Our pumps are now ALL Stainless Steel!

We are waiting for new brochures which show the end-caps as Stainless Steel, not Brass.

JS3 – 75 mm diameter helical rotor
JC3 – 75 mm diameter centrifugal
JS4 – 100 mm diameter helical rotor
JC4 – 100 mm diameter centrifugal
JCS4c – 100 mm diameter centrifugal
JCS4-3.8 – 100 mm diameter centrifugal
NK 014 – 75 mm diameter helical rotor