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Dawson Pumps

Dawson Pumps


Dawson Solar Pumps


Dawson solar pumps are new to Australia and offer a unique prospective to solar pumping.

They are equal in quality to the best solar pumps, carry a 2 year warranty and will
operate on solar DC power or generator AC power without any additional equipment.

Built in safe guards such as run dry protection, over and under voltage.

Possibly the best feature is the price, they are cheaper than the big name brands.

Available in ½ HP to 5 HP, heads to 180m, flow rates up to 400 L/Min.

The external controller is optional & not necessary in most applications.

Because the model range is very large we have only attached a few flow charts.

We recommend you contact us with your requirement to get the correct model.

Try Dawson Solar Pumps Today

Discover the superior quality and performance of Dawson pumps, the latest innovation in solar pumping technology. With unparalleled quality that rivals the best solar pumps on the market, it is imperative to opt for nothing but the best.

What’s more, Dawson pumps are an innovative solution for all your pumping needs; the motors are based on the most advanced technology within rare earth permanent magnets, which have been specially developed.

If you think Dawson solar pumps are the perfect choice for all your pumping requirements, reach out to us today to gain comprehensive knowledge about these cutting-edge solutions.

Please view .pdf attachments.

Dawson SP Gen Brochure 8-2017.pdf Dawson Power Alternatives.pdf Dawson 1hp 4SP2-18 4in-4in.pdf Dawson 3hp 4SP5-22-4in-4in.pdf Dawson 2hp 4SP5-20-4in-4in.pdf Dawson 1hp 4SP5-8 4in-4in.pdf

Please contact us for information about any of the models & variations.