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Lorentz Solar Pumps For Pools

Lorentz Solar Pumps For Pools

Lorentz Solar Pool Pumps

Lorentz solar pool pumps are the best on the world market. There are cheaper pool pumps but when it comes to the leading quality, a Lorentz solar pool pump is the best choice. Extremely well constructed & very reliable.

They are available in two sizes, PS600 & PS1800.

Averaging 8 hours pumping a day achieves a very clean, healthy  pool at no power cost.

During summer 10 hours running is common which turns the average pool over two to three times & you get that every day at no cost.

The solar pool pumps function well with both commercial & private pools.

With such high volume output these pumps are often used as transfer pumps.

Lorentz Solar Pool Pumps Benefits

Lorentz solar pumps for pools are known for their reliability and longevity. They are built to be resistant to the weather and require minimal upkeep, providing pool owners with an easy-to-manage solution.

Leveraging solar energy can help reduce electricity costs.

By utilising solar energy instead of electricity, they are able to help lessen your environmental impact and support a more sustainable future.

Choosing Lorentz solar pool pumps is a smart investment for anyone who wants to enjoy a clean and healthy pool without breaking the bank or harming the environment. This long-term option offers a multitude of advantages for pool owners.

Lorentz Solar Pool Pumps Features

  • Manufactured in Germany.
  • Solar power connects directly with AC connection options.
  • MPPT technology is used to get the most power out of PV modules.
  • High-quality, non-corrodible materials are used throughout.
  • Inbuilt data logging.


Leading Quality Solar Powered Pool Pumps by Lorentz

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