solar pump sales

About Us

Who we are

We operate from Keysbrook & have been selling Australia-wide for twelve years. We are authorised Grundfos, Lorentz, Dawson, Franklin, JTS, Sun Pump, Solar Mill, solar pump dealers plus the sole Australian agents for Dawson & JTS solar pumps &Pompco piston pumps. All of these brands are among some of the best names in the industry & offer the highest quality products. Within the Franklin, Grundfos, Pump Master & Caprari pump ranges we can supply all 220v AC & 3ph AC water pumps for Australia wide.

More than just pumps

Although solar pumps for WA, SA, NT, QLD, NSW, Vic& KI are our primary area, we also supply solar standalone systems & associated solar equipment. Standalone solar is an independent electrical power system which can come in models small enough to power a caravan or motor home, or as a large system running an entire house or in some cases, several houses and workshops.

Benefits of solar energy

Solar energy is used for many things which are remote & isolated from main power sources. Things like electric fencing, remote cameras, weather stations, communications equipment, warning & safety lighting, alarm systems & more – the list is huge. However, our primary role is in operating water pumps & providing a replacement for wind mills, water transfers,  pond management & swimming pools. This equipment is used for a broad variety of tasks, such as pumping water from a bore, well, dam, soak, river, tank or hot water. The solar pumps can be submersible, floating or fixed surface. The greatest use is for stock water, house hold water, irrigation or swimming pools. Some solar pumps even have the capacity to irrigate areas as big as market gardens, vineyards, orchards and other similar areas.

We’re industry leaders

We are specialists in the industry and possess a number of high quality pump items that are only available through us. We have spent years specifically designing various models for the unique & harsh Australian water and climate conditions. Many companies have jumped on the band wagon & are marketing inferiour solar pumps, but sadly, many of these are destined to fail because they are not designed properly for Australian conditions. We know this full well from the many customers who have come to us after buying elsewhere and ended up disappointed. Our business puts service & product quality first & foremost, which is why we have become a trusted name amongst our loyal customers.

What sets us apart from the competition

Ultimately it is our in-depth knowledge & unique range of products which set our business apart from the rest of the market. Not only this, but we have always endeavoured to offer the best prices anywhere else, in many cases offering as much as 30% less than the competition. Our team possess a combined 48 years of experience & we have a distributor network right across Australia at our disposal. Solar Pump Sales can be found at 82 South Western Highway, Waroona, 6215 and are open 8am-5pm from Monday to Friday, Saturday mornings & nearly any other time by appointment. Contact us for more Call the friendly and knowledgeable team on 08 9525 3885, or email:, for more information on our products and services available. Check our dealer list for the person closest to you.