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Solar Surface Pumps – Lorentz 010

Solar Surface Pumps – Lorentz 010

Lorentz Surface Pump

Lorentz solar pumps are the largest range of various models on the world market.

Their quality ranks at a top level with the best of materials & workmanship.

Flow rates from 500 L/Hr to 500,000 L/Hr

Lifts up to 90m

Centrifugal & Positive Displacement type pumps.

Many accessories to compliment the pumps.

With such a huge range we have opted to only make a few data sheets available on the most commonly requested pumps. Calculating which pump is best suited to any individual application is quite complex, we therefore recommend contacting us with your specific requirement to allow us to advise which is the best pump choice.

Please view .pdf attachments.
Lorentz Surface Pump Models.compressed.pdf Surface PS150_boost-60_PS2.compressed.pdf Vertical_PS600_CS-F3-7_PS2-min.pdf Vertical_PS1800_CS-F4-6 PS2-min.pdf Vertical_PSk2-7_CS-F12-9_ PS2-min.pdf Vertical_PSk2-7_CS-F20-5_PS2-min.pdf Vertical_PSk2-40_CS-G200-244 PS2-min.pdf

Please contact us for information for any of the other models & variations.