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Premium Solar Powered Submersible Pumps

It doesn’t take much of a code breaker to figure it out & much like the name suggests, this range of pumps is designed to be fully submersed in water. Now before images of hairdryers falling into bathtubs begin to flash before your eyes, you can rest assured that if used for a bore, dam, river or tank, they are completely sealed, low voltage & designed with the highest safety standards.

This variety of pump can also be used for drainage & aeration pumping, as well as for general maintenance, when water is required to be relocated from one area to another.

Benefits of opting to submerse

There are a number of different benefits to this particular solar pump & they can prove much more beneficial depending on what you require them for.

Pack up and go

One of the main advantages is their small lightweight design. If you need to use it regularly over a number of locations, having a model which is easy to transport will save you time & spare your back.

Primed and ready for action

As submersible pumps are installed under the water, they are already primed to begin pumping, whereas other designs need time to begin circulating water through their systems with a small risk of running dry. This can save valuable time when you need to move water immediately without unnecessary risks or delays.

Smothered with water

Some pumps can give off an annoying monotonous hum that can eventually drive even the sanest person mad. As our submersible models are covered by water, this absorbs the noise they produce & is quieter as a result.