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Grundfos Solar Pumps – Grundfos Solar Water Pump

Grundfos Solar Pumps – Grundfos Solar Water Pump

Grundfos Solar Pumps – A Reliable & Efficient Solar Powered Water Pump

Grundfos solar pumps specialize in submersible models for the world market.

Their quality ranks at a top level with the high quality materials & workmanship.

Flow rates up to 90,000 L/Hr

Lifts up to 200m

Centrifugal & Helical rotor type pumps

Many accessories to compliment the pumps

These pumps have some unique features over competitive makes.

They can fit down bores as narrow as 80mm casing.

Work with DC or AC power supply.

With such a range we have opted to only make one general data sheet available on the pumps. Calculating which pump is best suited to any individual application is quite complex, we therefore recommend contacting us with your specific requirement to allow us to advice which is the best pump choice.

Get the Best in Quality and Reliability With Grundfos Solar Pumps

Grundfos pumps are renowned for their durability and reliability. Constructed from robust materials and equipped with quality components, these pumps are designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environments, delivering consistent performance for an extended period of time. With Grundfos, you can count on dependable operation, day in and day out.

Easy to Install
Grundfos solar pumps are easy to install, requiring minimal effort and expertise. However, if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wide Range of Applications
Grundfos solar pumps are available in a range of sizes to suit different applications and needs. They can be utilised for a range of water supply and irrigation purposes.

Environmentally Friendly
Grundfos solar pumps are environmentally friendly, as they use renewable energy from the sun to power their operations. This reduces carbon emissions and helps to promote sustainable living.

Grundfos is a well-respected and established brand in the water pump industry, with a long history of innovation and excellence. They are known for their commitment to quality and reliability. If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective pumping solution, Grundfos solar pumps are a perfect choice. Contact us now and start enjoying a more efficient and sustainable way to pump water!


Long-term Savings With Grundfos Solar Pumps

Grundfos solar pumps offer long-term savings for residential and commercial users who prioritise sustainable and cost-effective water pumping solutions. These pumps are built with robust components, ensuring their dependability and durability. With minimal maintenance required, they are a dependable water-pumping solution that can be relied on for years to come. In addition, by harnessing the sun’s energy, Grundfos solar pumps offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to pump water, ensuring long-term savings on energy and maintenance costs.

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Please contact us for information on any of the models & variations.