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Solar Pumps

View our Range of Assorted Solar Powered Pumps

We aim to have the most extensive selection of solar pumps and stock, everything from bore, dam, pond, river, irrigation and swimming pool pumps. Helical (screw),  centrifugal, diaphragm, pressure and piston pumps. We have small to medium units for customers who need a portable or low volume solution & larger units for bore & surface water pumping in rural and station areas of Australia.

Benefits of going solar with your pumps

Solar power provides a sustainable & convenient alternative to the traditional wind mill, power grid, diesel or wind substitutes. Not only that, but it is great for farmers & those in outback stations across Australia as it provides a simple & reliable method for stock water management, reducing accident and bad weather risk, the erosion of water banks, fouling of waterways and providing your livestock with access to drinking water at multiple points of distribution. Solar pumps can be used for general house hold applications through to large irrigation projects. Swimming pools achieve excellent gains from solar pumps.

Access to quality suppliers

We are fortunate enough to supply products from most brands who are leaders in the industry for providing high quality products. We stock models by Grundfos, Lorentz, Dawson, JTS, Franklin, Sun Pumps, Solar Mill, Mono  and Shakti who specialise in submersed and surface  solar water pumps in the world market. Our products come in a number of different sizes depending on the level of volume/pressure you require. Whether you need a pump for repairs, maintenance, fluid relocation or the removal of harmful liquids, we can supply you with the speciality product for the job.

Even though we specialize in solar pumps it needs to be noted we also supply the full range of mains powered pumps in 220vAC and 3phase.

Service and Repairs

We can service and repair the majority of pumps which in many cases affords big savings to our customers.

Also bore development and servicing can be done if you are within our service area for this work.


Want to find out more

For more information on our product range, search further into this site or feel free to give us a call on (08) 9525 3885 or email  and speak with one of our professionals regarding the best pumping solution for your needs.